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About Boots-N-Heels

So, how did Boots-N-Heels come to be?

It all started about 5 or 6 years ago. I had always had a fascination with women wearing boots, and began researching sites to my little fetish, on the web. I came upon two at the time. One was the now defunct Boot.Tv. I found that site just around the time it closed, but I also found Bootluv's old Celebrities in Boots web site, and his accompanying message board. At the time, his board was hosted on ProBoards. I simply joined there & started enjoying the fun. There were no Amateur sections on his forum at that time, nor sections to High heels, or Fetish attire. It was strictly Celebrities.

I think it had been close to a year, when Bootluv had mentioned that he was thinking of leaving the web for awhile. He had some personal issues that needed his attention & was looking for some members of that forum to step up & continue with the upkeep & maintenance of it. Out of all the members that were with that forum, only 2 of us offered our help, myself & RedSpecial. We stayed on the ProBoard forum for a short while, as Bootluv had asked us to move it off of there because he was, for a lack of a better phrase, pissed off with them. So we started looking for another host. Thus came our time with phpbbforfree. What a nightmare that free provider was. Could anyone keep up with how often that service was offline? I didn't think so. So, once again we relocated. This time going to JConserv. Not a bad provider. At least they were online more than they were off. So that definitely was a plus. But just like all of those free message board providers, after about a years time, they, just like phpbbforfree did, ended up closing down. Thankfully, we were able to discover that prior to them pulling the plug. That brought us to RevSupport. This guy was supposedly one of the engineers at phpbbforfree. He promised us everything too. Fast access to our forum, web space, our own domain...yadda yadda yadda...so what happens? He closes down 10 days after we get all set up on his servers. Didn't even have the decency to tell any of his customers. You try accessing anything on his site, and all you get was a search engine page.

So that brought me to a radical decision. I do say me because by this time Bootluv had really gotten himself into his personal life. RedSpecial, and now BrianC were also with me, but like many, they have jobs & personal things to take care of too. I'm disabled, I have been since 2002. For me, jumping into solving this issue was a no brainer. If I hadn't, there was a possibility that what remains of Bootluv's efforts, those years ago, might be lost. And I REALLY did not care to see that happen. So how would I preserve that? I went into an area that is TOTALLY new to me. I purchased web space & a domain. To see how really inexperienced I was with that, all that needs to be said is, "World of Boots". Remember that? That was my first attempt at owning a web site. Little did I know that owning a Fetish/Adult themed site through a company who's servers sit right in the middle of US state who's predominant religion is Mormon, would get us shut down faster than wind blows through the center of downtown Chicago. Well, at the very least, I was able to get a back up of everything this time. I don't think we'll EVER forget copying & pasting ALL of those posts from one free forum provider to another.

Now Boots-N-Heels was born. October 25th, 2007. We've come a LONG way. So many to thank for their continued support & encouragement. Mercy for one. A very beautiful & friendly woman who has supported us since we started posting Amateurs within our forums. Mercy has been with us since the beginning of that, and has stuck with us through all of our moves. She TRULY is a Boot Goddess. Second would be Hboots. Another who has followed us from each previously closed free hosted forum, to here with us today. Always one of our most popular amateur models, Hboots has always found time to continue sharing her spectacular images with us. And third I'd like to thank AbigirlUK. A Southern Charms model that has spent time with us. She shares many of her images & has been willing to do so much more. Truly three, of just a few of the models that participate with us, that I really hold a close fondness for. Without their continued support, personal emails to me telling me to "stick with it", I might have moved onto another site to get my boot fetish fill. But I am so proud to have Boots-N-Heels now. I simply wish to offer to you, the best one stop site to fill your fetish needs. Beautiful women in boots, high heels, stockings, spandex, leather, gloves, any type of fetish attire. I hope you find it within the galleries of my site. I hope that you enjoy that I offer all of this without nudity, or pornography. To me, a fetish is NOT pornography. So you won't find those types of images here. And I have been very thankful that our membership feels the same way...So I thank all of you on that.

Finally, I'd very much like to say thank you to my most precious & special someone...My Wife. But for quite a few years I kept my fetish for boots, quiet, to her. Oh sure, she knew that I always loved seeing her wearing her boots. But I never took it to the level that this was a REAL fascination & turn on for me. She knew that I would "look" at a site that had booted celebrities on it, but I just said that it was a site ABOUT celebrities, not one devoted to Celebrities wearing their boots. And I sure didn't let her know that I was helping operate that site. But then came the time that I had to buy everything...Our domain, Boots-N-Heels, our hosting plan, our web space, etc, etc...Starting things up put a good sized dent into a persons budget who is disabled. So one night I got up the nerve to tell her. At first she was none to happy with me...As I've said, it was quite a bit of money to start up a Fetish/Adult natured web site...Not every provider cares to host this type of material you know. LOL! But as days went on, & we talked more & more about it, she began to come up with ideas that would make the site better. She has some web design experience, so she started putting that knowledge to work...and what you see today, is our progress. It's ongoing, and with dreams of becoming one of the best & most recognizable fetish sites on the web. So for her help, her support, & most important, her love & understanding, I have to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Baby, for everything.

So that's it. A brief history of how Boots-N-Heels came to existence. As time goes on I'm sure that other points may pop into my head that I'd forgotten, and I'll come back here and add onto this. But for now, that's all I have in my brain. We just celebrated our 1st year, and that in itself was a history making event for me. I would never have imagined myself as a web site owner, but thanks to the thousands of members that we have, I sure am glad that I am. Thank you all so much for your continued support, participation, and encouragement. Without you, none of this would exist.